What’s Really Important After Trump’s Win – Self Care

The internet is going crazy. 

Tons of major cities in America are marching in the streets and protesting. People are scared, angry, upset.. The list of emotions goes on. (click here to read an article about the protest

I’m going to do my best to evulate this situation without inflecting my personal beliefs. Though, its been hard as emotions are high on both ends. 

I’m not here to say that he’s evil and will destroy this land we love, I’m here to offer some advice on how to cope. And how to make a difference. 

You are the only person in control of your personal happiness. You have to allow someone else to rattle you. Don’t. Don’t fall victim to all that’s happening. Stand with love and Stand with your beliefs. Take some time to really evaluate what you believe in and what you want to support. Once you know, stand with those beliefs.  

Try taking up meditation. It can do wonders for your mind and soul. 

If you’re upset, find a way to get involved and start the conversation. I can tell you, screaming in the streets with touches blazing will not get you what you want.  Peaceful protest is one thing, but you ultimately have to find your cause and get behind it.  Vontuneer, do outreach. Whatever it is, find what you’re passionate about and get behind it.  Just tonight I joined a protest Facebook group and offered to collect canned food goods for local food banks in my area. The response was insane. Tons of people were absolutely in love with the idea. Marching around the streets angry isn’t going to change anything and if we’re all so worried about everything President-elect Trump will change then we need to start doing something. 

Find local cause you believe in and help. 

  • Organize a food drive – collect canned food, personal hygiene products, spare change. Whatever people are willing to give. 
  • Donate your time – do outreach, help a group of people you may have something in common with. 
  • Donate your time and money to groups like the center for people with disabilities, ACLU, homeless, LGBT outreach, addiction and recovery programs, environmental programs

So stand up for people you believe in and do something to better your own community. It all has to start within.

Teach the next generation that we lead with love & acceptance. With so many stories of middle and high school students burning flags and screaming, “not my president!” Or chanting, “build the wall” we need to show our children that we show respect for all humans. Regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and so on and so forth, we stand for humans.

Spend some time taking care of yourself. 

Take a long bubble bath. 

Go on a run or walk. 

Give yourself a pedicure. 

Eat healthy foods. 


There are so many so ole ways you can take a little time to nourish your mind and body in the face of stress. 

I think there are tons of level headed, non racist people who voted for Trump.if youre one od those people, speak up. Show us that not all of his supporter were racist.  I also think he made it very easy for racists to speak more freely and share their messages of hate.  Theyve hust come out of tye woodworks since election night. Don’t let those people win. Be a safe alley for those who feel unsafe under a Trump Presidency. 
Even if you voted for him. Show us that all of his followers are not racist and evil. 

Here is a great idea that I’ll be taking part in. 
Now obviously I understand that hundreds of thousands of people are scared of what this will do for our country, but you can be The difference. Stand up and be the difference. We are in complete control of what happens in our neighborhood. 

Show others that we are a united front and we will love and support one another without judgment. 
Hope that helps my friends, I know its been a highly emotional few days

Share your ideas with me about how yo deal with all this! 

Shine Bright 💎

xoSarah Lindenn 

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