Tips for Makeup with Glasses

Are you a glasses wearing girl like myself?  Luckily for me, my vision is not so poor that I absolutely have to wear glasses/contacts everyday, but my astigmatism makes seeing in general a difficult task. It just makes everything have this very blurry outline around/over it. Words, people, structures. You name it and I see it with this annoying blur all around/over it. I honestly went 16 years in life before I knew my vision was even bad. I knew both of my parents had poor vision but I just didn’t even think about it. Until a teacher of my asked me why I was constantly squinting. It was such second nature to me I didn’t even notice myself doing it.

So anyway, enough about me.

Let’s talk about you, yes you, and all those fabulous looks you’re going to create while wearing those fierce glasses.

#1 – When it comes to shadow, the lighter and more neutral the color on the lid, the better. Add some shimmery tones to the lid to brighten your eyes.

#2 – Blend slightly darker, warm shades into & above the crease, add a dab of shimmery highlight on the brow bone and inner corner to open up the eye.

#3 – Save the bright and cool colors for the lips 💋 Or on days when you wear contacts —these shades will magnify dark undertones around the eyes, causing them to look tired.

#4 – Try colored liner! Your eyes will pop with navy blue or forest green eyeliner, and use WHITE on your water line to really open up your eye area! You can always use a bright shadow as eyeliner by just adding a little rose water to the liner brush and getting the shadow wet!

#5 – when in doubt, go classic! Winged liner is always flattering and will always looks classy.

#6 – Make sure your brows are on point, & your lashes are dark! If your glasses frame your face, then your brows frame those classes! Keep them clean and on fleek.  Also, curling those lashes will keep them from hitting your glasses all day long.

Bonus Tip – when you curl your lashes, warm up that curler a little with your blow dryer. Put your lashes in the curler and then tilt the curler up and away from your cheek while slightly applying pressure. Curl at the base, midpoint and tips.

#7 – keep your face clean! Wear a high quality foundation and keep your complexion clear. And if your like me who has the annoying month long hormonal chin breakouts, just apply a little concealer to cover it up.

#8 – apply a pop of color to your cheeks! Blush or even highlighter can really help open up your eye area and brighten your face up!

If you need help choosing shadow shades, I’m your girl! I’d be happy to help ya out!

Shine Bright!

xoSarah Lindenn
Oh and if your vision really is terrible, check these out! Ha I found them through buzzfeed and its seriously genius.  I get you can get these from various places online

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