The Most Important Thing This Holiday Season

Ah we’re getting close to Christmas and all the other holidays! I’m extremely grateful this year because instead of a long “dear Santa..” List, my daughter requested that we participate in all the holiday traditions and seasonal fun things to do. 

I am SO proud and SO excited that she’s only asked for a few items for gifts and has instead focused on wanting to enjoy the experiences. Side note, she truly is a little blessing. So I’ve decided to make a list of all the things we have done and plan to do to enjoy the holiday season and really spend some time together taking it all in. 

1. Going To See Santa 🎅

Okay, this is a given. She’s 5 years old so the magic of seeing Santa is still strong. We found a great little place at a local outdoor mall where you actually got to go into a separate room and spend a few minutes with Santa, sharing stories and enjoying the moment. I highly recommend if you’re going to see Santa find a place where you can spend a few minutes quitely talking with Santa. It was a humbling experience for her. 

2. Shopping for a tree 🎄(or decorations if you do a fake tree)

This is always how we kick off our holiday season as a family. The first weekend in December we drive around until we can find the perfect tree. The day is filled with hot cocoa, apple cider and the great tree debates🎄. If you do a fwkr Christmas tree maybe considering buying a new ornament each year to add to the tree. Or some sort of decorations to add to your home. 

3. DIY Christmas Decor and Ornaments

I always buy a bunch of those little empty glass or plastic bulbs and we paint them, add glitter, write little holiday sayings on them. Its truly one of my favorites. I’ll link some of my favorite from pinterest below.

tons of crafts here for adults & kids

This lady did 6 weeks of crafts

More home decor!

4. Watching Holiday Movies 🎥🎞

My favorite part of the season is all the Hallmark movies going on. She’s still a bit young for all the hallmark movies, but that doesn’t mean we cant pop in Earnest Saves Christmas or Elf and enjoy a good holiday laugh together. 

Earnest Saves Christmas is a movie that is completely ridiculous but has been playing in our house for years. Longer than my daughter has even been around. I have some great memories of watching all of his silly movies with my parents and little brother. So the holiday movies is a definite must. Below are a few of our favorite but I’m going to save the big list for another post. 

*top 5 holiday movies 

  1. Elf
  2. Ernest Saves Christmas
  3. Home Alone
  4. Arthur Christmas
  5. The Santa Claus

5. Holiday Shopping and Donating

I try very hard to make my daughter understand that we are very fortunate and we need to spread the joy by helping those who may not be as fortunate. 

Find a local charity and donate gifts or your time to them. 

We also always clean out the toy box the day after Christmas and donate to local places. 

6. Holiday Baking 

I am so not one of those moms who’s cookies come out looking spectacular but we give it our best and hand out as many cookies as we can! Find a great recipe from your family or online and make some holiday treats. Its such a fun experience..

Try fudge, it’s generally pretty simple and definitely a yummy treat! 

7. Holiday Book Countdown

This is our first year adding this one, but 12 days before Christmas we give her one new book a day to read together. She’s still learning to read so we all do it together. Some are holiday books and some are just good books. Its exciting to wake up to a new book everyday! 

So there you have it! A quick way to really enjoy the holiday experience instead of focusing So much of gifts and toys and all the material parts of the end of the year season. 

Just remember this is the time of year to cherish your families and friends. Enjoy the time off and have a good time. It’s not always about the gift giving and material things. 

Love you guys! 

Happy Holidays! 

xoSarah Lindenn
I almost completely forgot! If you’ve got kiddos, Elf On The Shelf is a must! It’ll drive you nuts but the kids ADORE it. 

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