Teaching Your Preschooler To Read -DIY Dollar Store Haul! 

Ah another glorious part of motherhood. The outstanding amount of pressure that comes with your kids academic ability.

I don’t know about you and your specific situation but I’m considered a “younger” mom. Obviously I’m 27, so I’m really not that young but I’ve noticed most moms are waiting until their 30’s to start having kids now. To each their own. But I always feel like the other moms are just staring at me. Maybe I look like a teenager. I don’t know. Anyways, I have always felt this insane pressure from other moms, teachers, anyone and everyone about where Simone is at in her academics. She has been talking about wanting to read for about 6 months now (she’s 4) and realistically she doesn’t  need to know how to read until I believe the second half of kindergarten. Or at least be able to recognize her sight words. So I talked to her preschool teacher who didn’t really offer much in the way of help (I totally get it, she’s probably overworked and underpaid- I couldn’t be in a room with 10 to 12 4 & 5 year olds for 40 hours a week. No thanks!) So I took to the web and did a little research for myself. Surprisingly it’s not as simple to find the answers as it should be. Apparently a child needs to master these 21 sight words by The end of kindergarten. And so on and so forth.

So I then went to pinterest and searched for some ideas to help me teach little S how to read and recognize her first 21 sight words.

Of course, there was an overwhelming amount of information, so I took a few pieces from a few different sources and made my own.

I packed up little S and hit the road. First Stop, Dollar Tree. This store can be slightly overwhelming as there are DIY ingredients all over the place, so stay focused. I found SO MANY  goodies.

First up!

🌟A cookie sheet!

🌟ABC Magnets

🌟 Sight Word Flash Cards

🌟Tracing Paper

🌟Sight Words Workbook

🌟Sheet Protectors

🌟Dry Erase Markers

If you’re going to buy the ABC Magnets I’d say go to Walmart or order them online. Target really let me down and the dollar store didn’t carry them. So Walmart is definitely the answer on this one. We bought a pack of ABC magnets because we were missing a few letters and it’s definitely better to have extra but the ones from Target were not great.

See what I mean?

The target ones are on top. My OCD daughter couldn’t use two different sizes and styles so we just put the target one’s on our fridge.

Anyways, I took all of the pages from the sight word workbook and put them into individual sheet protectors. This way, Little S can use a dry erase market to practice and we aren’t constantly trying to print our more or erase pencil markings.

Next up! We used the Sight Words flash cards, the cookie sheet and the tracing paper. We went through the flash card together and sounded out the word. Next she built the word with the magnets, then she went to the tracing paper and wrote the word a few times.

Yes, We do these activities on momma’s bed. I know, I know. Bad habits.

And there you have it! An easy and fun way to teach your little ones to read and write their sight words.

This whole thing cost me maybe $12 dollars and took only a few minutes to set up.

No fumbling with the printer and scissors

No momma’s Messy writing on index cards

15 minutes and one dollar store trip. Done!

Let’s just say I’m happy. And so is Simone!

How do you find fun ways to teach your kiddo to read and write before kindergarten?

Share it below!! 😀😀


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