Self love, acceptance of others and our daughters


I know, selfies can sometimes be seen as being highly self centered and superficial, but I want you to know that it’s much more than that.
There are 100’s of millions of women all over the globe that can’t take a selfie of themselves.
What is stopping them from taking a self portrait? It’s probably a combination of self doubt and fear; fear that people will judge them and self doubt because it’s been force feed to us our entire life from mainstream media.
Why are we so quick to judge each other? Why aren’t we teaching our little girls(and boys, they just are not nearly as catty as girls) to accept & love each other? To base an opinion on actions and character instead of looks. To understand that looks are secondary and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

As a late 20’s business owner who attends a fair amount of women’s networking groups and meet ups, I look around and listen to what these ladies are saying and it’s truly amazing the support and love they all stand for. But where is the same mentality when we are little girls?
I know I can’t be alone in having feelings of sadness around school and the relationships I had. At such a young age we are taught this idea of competition instead of compassion & collaboration. Little girls, like my 4 year old, are already judging and making each other feel inadequate. Uh, what?! Where do we have to  start to stop this kind of behavior?
In my opinion, we have to start early. We must explain to our littles that every girl, lady, women is beautiful and we are all different. We need to open their eyes to an idea of acceptance and empowerment.
I vow to start immediately, by sharing with my daughter what is beautiful about all of the women in our life. I will start telling her how smart and brave she is instead of constantly saying how beautiful she is. She is after all, the bravest little person I’ve ever met. When we talk abut her friends we will focus on their positive personality traits and forget about the way they look or what they wear.
Maybe we all need to start telling people how beautiful we think they are, and why we think they’re beautiful. I challenge you to speak up the next time you’re in the company of a person you admire to tell them.
Let’s start by showing our littles how to treat each other and how to uplift and empower other women.

Shine Bright 💎💎
xoSarah Lindenn

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