Power, Success & Unrealistic Expectations – How I deal

Happy Weekend Friends!

With my approaching Birthday this Sunday, I’ve been thinking a lot about success, expectations, & reality. Sunday, I will be a 27 year old single mother who has been working in the same restaurant for 3 years, all while building my own brand and makeup business.
When I look back at my childhood, this wasn’t exactly what I was seeing. I have been through my own personal hell and come out the other side. I’ll share that story some day but for now, just know it wasn’t good.

But Today I woke up and was grateful for that hell and all of the extremely hard struggles I’ve gone through. I was grateful for what I have and what I have done. Instead of thinking about all the expectations I had for myself, I reflected on the good I have done. I have been living the last 4 years with this looming over my head and heart.
Not anymore. I will spend my time growing and continuing to learn and set goals for myself. Instead of living in this state of disappointment because it didn’t all play out as my 13 year old self would have liked.
Success is another disappointing factor in my life until recently. I have been living under the impression that success is being insanely wealthy and not having to worry about anything like money or time. And yes that is still part of my definition of success, but I had to define success for myself and not live in someone’s definition of success only. You can be successful without money.

You have to stop allowing anyone else to alter the way you see yourself and your journey. Meditate on it, journal, whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

It’s a personal journey and you have to define it for yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other women and stop living under society’s expectations. Set your own definitions of success. Then go out and crush it.

Shine Bright ladies
xo Sarah

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