Motherhood – a single mother’s shared custody battles

Ah, motherhood. Could there be anything that is as rewarding, frustrating and hard work all at The same time?
I submit that there is not.
Little S is 4 ½ years old and has spent the last 4 ½ years solely with me. With the exception of living with grandma & papa for the first two years. She has only recently opened up to the idea of a man being in our life and being her “daddy”. This man is not her bio father. He is my kind, caring, loving & amazing boo, whom we plan on spending the rest of our lives with. ❤
As a family unit, him + me + little S + Fenway (our black lab puppy🐶), we have extremely open and honest conversations about our future as a whole & individually.
*side note* Simone is extremely smart. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my child. 
She is very intuitive and speaks so eloquently, for a 4 year. Our biggest compliment is how wise beyond her years she is. *end of side not brag*
We have talked about how his work could take us to another state, how we could add a tiny little bundle to the family some day, or what life will he like when grandma & papa are no longer down the street. But we have rarely spoken of her bio father. Actually we’ve never spoken to her about it and it’s been kind of a “taboo” subject with my parents.
You see, I wasn’t in a fantastic place when she was born and her bio father wasn’t either. I chose to make a change  and take control of my life, for her, and for myself.  I have grown and overcome so many obstacles in a short 4 years,  but that’s for another post.
In the last few months child support checks have started showing up, so I knew it only meant one thing. He would appear again.
So here we are. With a complicated mess in tow. 
How do you explain to a 4 ½ year old that this man, who recently appeared is her father?
He wants to see her and I explained to him that we could have lunch but that he was not to say anything about being her bio father. He could be a friend but for now he is not her father.
I’m now wondering if I made the wrong choice.
Only time will tell I suppose.
Shine Bright 💎
xoSarah Lindenn

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  1. I’ve gone really far back in your blog so I can catch up and I am really impressed with how open and honest you are. What a difficult topic this is! But you’re a sensitive and wonderful writer. I’m going to go read more and find out what’s happened since 🙂

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