Makeup Brushes – First Edition


Have you every been wandering the makeup brush aisle at Senhora and think, “WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE?!” in a semi panicked mode. Yeah, me too. And I went to Cosmetology school.
So let’s smash that fear and terror and get to work, girls.
Each post will be short and full of some info for you!

First off, There are no rules in Beauty. There just aren’t. You wear and do what makes you feel beautiful. There are definitely some guidelines and some suggestions of ways to wear certain products but it’s simple; No Rules In Beauty. And that includes brushes. If you find a good brush that you can achieve your go to look with, but it isn’t what the brush is intended for. So what? Good for you. Blaze that path, girl.

When it comes to brushes there are synthetic and natural hair. It all depends on the product you’re using and personal preference.

Natural hair brushes are made out of actual hair from some animals. Generally from .. Because it is actual hair it has a cuticle so it will absorb things much more than a synthetic brush. This is why I try to only use my real makeup brushes for powder products. Eye pigments, bronzer, powder foundation and so on.. Real hair brushes also tend to be more fluffy. They will also shed a bit, so be aware of that.
Synthetic is going to be good for liquid and cream products. Always use synthetic for liquid and creams. Synthetic only means its a made from a man mad material such as nylon or polyester, Something along those lines. It is harder to get these brushes to be as puffy as the natural hair brushes so they tend to be the more flat brushes(Like the foundation brush In the above photo.) Because of this they are amazing for precision application.

Now that we have that out of the way, shall we move on to different brush styles?!?
Drop a comment, what’s your favorite brush?

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