Makeup Brushes – Eyes Edition!

Heeelllllooo!! How are you?! Let’s just dive right into this.

First and very important!

The Lash & Brow Comb

This brush is vital for strong brows and de-clumped Lashes! The lash comb is great for pulling apart your lashes after you apply your mascara. The brow side is made from boar hair and is stiff and great for taming those brows.

Deluxe Brush 

Ah, the Deluxe brush. Probably one of my more used brushes. I find it very, very versatile and can be used for so many different things. The deluxe brush is made from pony hair, so account for that when cleaning your brushes. This brush is great for an all over eye application, or putting a little highlight under the eye/above your cheek bone. I also use it for highlighting on the brow bone. This brush can also be used for blending and buffing out color.  It is a must have.

Liner/Shader Brush 

The liner/shader brush. A must try. The shader side is like a smaller version of the Deluxe brush. It’s great for applying color to the eye lids and can also be used to highlight.  The liner side is really a must have though. I use this thing all the time!! I use it to apply eye shadow like eye liner, I use it to pull pencil eye liner out so that the color won’t run, I use it to clean up lipstain or lip stick around my lips. I literally use it all the time!


Crease Brush

Okay, Im gonna be honest here. I dont use this brush as much as I probably should. Its amazing for blending it all together and can definitely be an awesome addition to your makeup bag, buuuuut I just figured out a way to use my deluxe brush for everything. 😂

Cream Shadow Brush

This brush is essential if you plan on using any kind of cream or liquid products on your eye. I am personally obsessed with cream shadow so I use this brush all the time. The big trick here is… after you apply a cream product, you have to let it dry before you can blend it out. The most common question I get asked is “why is my cream product not pigmented like yours?” or ” Why can’t I get my cream shadow to blend?” Well it’s becasue you really have to let it dry before, otherwise you’re just going to be pushing the product around all over your eye..get it?


Here it is! The very first eye edition! Remember, there are no rules, only guidelines. If you find a brush that works wonders for you, use it!

Share your favorite brushes with me! I love love love brushes.

Shine Bright

xoSarah Lindenn

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