Fall 2016 Beauty Part 1

Pumpkin patches and pumpkin pies, apple cinnamon scented things, that chilly morning & evening feel; All parts of why I absolutely adore autumn. Here in Colorado, we really only get a quick glimpse of autumn before winter settles in and I always feel so cheated by the short love affair.

Fall fashion and beauty is always a big deal. Its The changing from bright and fun spring & summery trends as well as being back to school time. This is the time when we start to put our bubblegum pink hues away and bring out our dark vampy tones. Autumn is full of porcelain skin and cranberry eyes. The women start to wear thier boots, scarves & knit hats. And everything takes on the fall feel by falling into those earlthy tones. .

Now my wardrobe pretty much consists of black, grey, plain white shirts and more black, all year round but I have some earth tones to pull out this year.

After checking out the fall fashion I’m seeing a ton of military inspired jackets and that deep green color.

I also noticed a lot of velvet which I’m not so sure about. My style is pretty much anything that’s comfortable, and if it’s on trend, double points. Velvet is just a strange texture, to me. I also saw a lot of winter floral which is another piece I’ll probably ditch. I’m just not a velvet flower kinda gal. 😂 floral prints always remind me of when I was a small child and my mother and grandma were still stuck in that 80’s floral pattern. Couches, tops, it was all floral.

I  however extremely excited about the fall tones in makeup and this new “No makeup” makeup revolution.

I am a sucker for just wearing some foundation, a touch of highlighter and some mascara to work. Now, don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE a good eye look, but let’s be real here. My mornings are crazy enough, no need to add an elaborate makeup look to the mix. Plus I work in a bar where the regulars are like family. So no need to impress there.

What I am MOST excited about this Fall is all of the new products that Younique just launched. I have been waiting for this day for what seems like a lifetime. Skincare. Solid Skincare is a must!!

Did you know sleeping in you makeup – just one night- will age your skin up to 7 days?! SAAAYYY WHAAA?! yeah, no thanks. I’ve got enough stuff aging my skin.

Today, Like literally today. September 15th, Younique released all of the new skincare items as well as, 5 new lip liners, 2 full eye palettes, and a MATTE cream eye shadow (more to come!). We still have Liquid Lipsticks coming our way too.

So let’s talk skincare for a second.

Do you know how important it is to be not only cleaning the makeup off your face, but to also be cleansing your skin and pores with a quality cleanser? It’s really important. We have two new cleansers, two new daily moisturizers which both have SPF, a new Bamboo charcoal detox mask, a time correcting night cream and our instant lifting serum. My girlfriend, Heather, tried the instant lifting serum on her dad and the results are nuts! Look!



so here it is! in all it’s glory!


What are your favorite skincare products?

I honestly cannot wait to try this out for a month so I can give a really honest review of it. So far I know I love the detox mask. I’ve used that baby a bunch since convention.

So leave me a comment, tell me your personal skincare routine!

xoSarah Lindenn

And as always,💎 Shine Bright!

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