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Okay, my family is always really good at giving me gifts, but I’ve definitely been the daughter completely lost with what to buy my own mother.. So I’ve always gone to the interwebs only to be completely disappointed by what I’ve found on my extensive google search for the perfect gift for my beautiful mother. The lists just don’t ever quite cut it so  I’ve come up with a list of some of my favorite gifts I’ve been given and gifts I’d love to receive. I have also run a few of these by not only my own mother but some other mothers as well, to see what they think of each item and what their favorite gifts have been.

First up, My Top Picks, Then I’ll share some of my friends responses to their favorite gifts at the end..

1. The little book of hygge

I’ve wanted to check this out for awhile now and I found this adorable book. It would make a great gift for the highly stressed momma.  I.e. me. 😂 but seriously, this book is adorable and the Danish seem to really know what they’re doing when it comes to living the simple yet satisfied life. Anyone can benefit from this read. It will also make a cute coffee table book to share with guest and family.

2. A cozy warm blanket scarf

I adore a blanket scarf. They’re so warm and so perfect for the colder winter months here in Colorado. Any fashionable momma will love getting a new scarf to mix things up a bit. Especially If your mom is anything like me, she’s probably been wearing The same 5 scarfs for years. Time for a little fashion upgrade.

PLUS a really great blanket scarf will be giant and full enough to cuddle under on the couch during those colder months.


3. Himalayan Salt lamp

I LOVE these salt lamps.They naturally purify the air by releasing negative ions that create a similar effect as an ionizer . They give off this light amber colored light which, by the way, can also be very calming. Pop a few of these babies in your house with some amazing house plants and the air in your home will be way less toxic. I’m actually in the market for some new house plants for our home this winter to help keep the air more clean. We use a woodburning fireplace to heat our house and it can really dirty up the air, so I’m on the hunt for some good deals.


4. Infuser Water Bottle

These are amazing! I’m totally buying one for both of my parents this year. My dad always makes his own big jug of lemon water or lemonade as he calls it, but this would be super helpful to the process because he’d be able to take it out of the house with him. And my mother definitely doesn’t get enough water so maybe this will make it a little easier for her to get what she needs. Think of all of the endless possibilities with this thing.. You can do cucumber and lime, strawberry, lemon and basil, and so on.. I believe this even comes with a downloadable book full of ideas!


5.  These AMAZING Kate Spade Earrings

I LOVE these. They’re so cute. They’re these adorable little glitter 12k gold earrings that are the perfect addition to a New Year’s Eve party.  Both my mom and I love these and think they’re totally adorable, plus you can’t really go wrong with Kate Spade.. Or Jewelry for that matter. So Kate Spade Jewelry it is, then! But seriously, anyone can pull these off.


6. Milk Frother For at home Yummy Coffee Drinks

I DESPERATLY need this little gizmo. I mean I must waste thousands of dollars on starbucks and dunkin doughnuts a year, so If I could make my OWN latte’s and such I’d be one happy momma. Plus, there is never enough coffee for moms. Never. We are like coffee zombies. It’s life. My mom and I used to try and froth up milk on our stove top and though it did the trick for hot cocoa it just never worked out the way we wanted to coffee drinks. I really think any mom would love this. I know my mom and I would have a blast experiment with coffee drinks and such.

Another option of course is to just buy a whole expresso machine. Which is what I am asking for this year. Hello Home Coffee, Goodbye Starbucks debt! lol

 7Anything From Charming Charlie


But specifically these stemless wine glasses. I’m obsessed with them. OBSESSED. Which is actually quite humorless as I’ve been sober for awhile now and have had maybe 3 drinks in the last 5 years. I use these for water, juice, whatever, but for all you wino momma’s these would be perfect! Plus they have a ton of different little sayings and cute stuff on them. Charming Charlie is also famous for amazing clothing and totally adorable water bottles. Definitely a must check out!

I just adore this store! Anytime we are at the mall, Mike has to distract little S and I so we don’t go in there. Or it could quickly turn into an all day kind of event.

8. Cents Of Style

this is seriously my favorite website for clothing. They’ve always got super cute grahpic tee’s and totally affordable finds. I got a really great dress for work with a nice lighter infinity scarf from them recently for about $25. Shipping is always free, which I also love.

So there you have it, a mix of products and websites I already use and love, as well as some things that are definitely on my list.

As promised, here are some of the responses I got when I asked my mom friends what their favorite gifts they’ve been given were..

After asking a ton of mom’s what their favorite gifts were, the TOP answer BY FAR, was hand made gifts. Always. From gifts from children to small love notes written by husbands. The top answers were always the stuff people put a little time into. I’m not saying, trash your holiday shopping list and make every gift. I’m just simply suggesting that people really do appreciate it a ton when you spend some time planning and preparing a handmade gift for them.

Another option that was high on the list of answers were things like fitbits and other wearable tech. I personally love my fitbit. It’s interesting for me to see how much or how little I walk depending on the day and what’s happening. During the summer months Mike and I try to make as much time as possible for walking as a family. It’s just good to get out of the house during the evening and move around.

What’s on your Christmas List this year?!

Share it with me! I definitely want to know!

Shine Birght friends!

xoSarah Lindenn


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