Back To Basics Makeup series Part 1

So I just wrapped on another series and this one was called, as you may guess, Back to Basics.  I went over a ton of my favorite basic makeup tips and tricks.

I started with basic skincare in this video. If you want your makeup to look flawless, you better be taking care of that canvas.  I like to call it your Base Face. Everything you need to do prior to makeup application.
I do use other products as well in my skincare regime.

 Shea Moisture 100% Jamacian Black Castor Oil is extremely good for hair and skin and can hydrate and promote healthy growth.  

I also love a good mud mask as my skin is very temperamental and changes like the days in a week. I love the Pixi Glam Glow Mud Mask. 

🌟edit🌟 September 15th is the release of The brand new Bamboo charcoal detoxifying mask from Younique. I have already added this to my skincare and let’s just say it’s a keeper! 

Number 2 in the back to basics series is all about foundation types and what you might love. Cream, Liquid, Powder, BB Cream. Its hard to know what will work best for you and your needs/wants. 

Cream often gets called the fullest coverage though I’d say that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s just the thickest consistency. Cream is great for giving you that total glam one dimension skin look. If you use a cream you may need to go back in and highlight/contour to give your face it’s natural dimension back. Creams may also not be The answer for skin with acne (raised red bumps). The best way to deal with any kind of acne is to color correct and then cover. Check out the Younique Foundation here! 

Liquid foundation. Liquid foundation is the I mean seriously. This specific liquid (Younique Liquid Touch Foundation) dries to a satin powedery finish. It’s a medium coverage and works well for anyone and everyone. It really is super simple to apply and hard to mess up. Great for someone looking for annoce coverage but doesn’t know a tom about makeup. 

BB Cream.  BB cream is my go to in summer and winter months. It’s super hydrating & moisturizing and will even out your skin tone and give you a radiant glowing finish. It is a lighter coverage so  its perfect for applying under something else if you’re looking for a fuller coverage. BB Flawless from Younique is here!

Powder Powder is an amazing option especially if you want a lighter coverage. It’s great for setting your makeup or even using alone. This one works wonders on its own as well. I’ve seen some amazing videos from my Younique sisters of what a little primer and this powder has done for them. 

Stay tuned because there is more coming!! 

xoSarah ❤

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