10 Facts About Me

Ah hello! 

I thought, since I’m a fairly new blogger, who still doesn’t really have a clue what I’m doing, I would do a quick Facts about Me post! So let’s get to know Me, shall we?  Feel free to leave some facts about you in the comments! I love reading them!

1. Ive been a single mother since I was 6 months pregnant. 

The First Photo Taken Of Us
When I found myself pregnant at 21, I knew I was in trouble. I was battling a pretty severe addiction, I had ruined my relationship with everyone in my family and was in a relationship with someone out of convenience. there, I said it. We never loved each other. We were both in equally bad spots, and well you know,  misery does love company after all. At 6 months pregnant a flip had been switched and I was ready for change. I was pushed into treatment by legal problems and I was so ready.

2. I’m a person living in long term recovery. 

It was an easy number 2 to pick. Obviously I’ve been living in sobriety for awhile now but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my ups and downs with recovery. I managed to stay sober until my daughter was about a year and a half. I had an ugly break up and turned to the easy way to cope. Luckily for me, I was living with my family and my mom immediately recognized it. She stepped up beyond the call and took care of my daughter while I managed to get my shit back together. Its definitely one of my darker summers and I’d rather never, ever, discuss it again, But it’s a huge part of who I am today and I have to be honest to keep getting better. 

3. I have my esthetician and nail tech certifications. 

My love for makeup and all things beauty goes way back to my teen years. I struggled in traditional high school. I just never felt like I fit in well. I had an amazing counsler who got me into an alternative high school that happened to be on the same campus as the vocational training school. Once I was there I signed up for the cosmetology program. I fell in love and finished high school with my diploma and my nail tech and esthetician certificates. I was even licensed for awhile and I’m working on becoming licensed again. 

4.  I’ve worked a direct sales business for almost two years. 

Jaunary 6th was my two year anniversary with my direct sales business and honestly, I don’t really want anything to do with it right now. I’ve somehow stayed “active” enough for my account to not be shut down over the last few months but something changed for me towards the end of last year. I just wasn’t in love anymore. There are so many amazing makeup brands and companies and I want to be able to promote or share whatever I’m currently loving without feeling like I’m doing something wrong. 

I’m not sure when the flip switched, but at some point, I was just done. I’ve felt this way before but tried to push through it and did OK for awhile. I’m thinking it’s probably time to hang up my direct sales hat and move on though. I want to fell passion & fire and it just doesn’t do that for me anymore. 
5. I’m a major introvert. 

I find joy in being alone. I rarely crave going out and I hate large crowds. Even if I know all of the people in said crowd. I’m way more happy sitting on my couch, crafting and spending time with a select few people. 

I do however crave one on one time. I love nothing more than coffee dates with old friends or spending time with my daughter alone. 

6. I’m a bartender and bar manager who doesn’t drink. 

Now you obviously know I don’t drink, as I’ve already mentioned I’m living in long term recovery, but I’m also a bartender and bar manager. I make decisions about beer and alcohol that a lot of times I’ve never tried. Sometimes I feel super fake. But my coworkers and customers all know I don’t drink so they work with me to provide the best neighborhood bar possible. I’m totally in love with my job and really find joy in making a cocktail that someone loves. 

Just because I don’t drink, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and understand people who know how to respect their limits. 

7. I’ve been in rehab. 

Think Girl, Interrupted. 

Just kidding, it wasn’t like that at all. I was in a 60 day impatient treatment facility with about 10 other women. It was one of my biggest challenges to date. I pretty much think I can do anything now. 

Think Real World only all women and no alcohol or drugs. So all women with major drug & alcohol problems ,Plus add a few small children and a few pregnant ladies.  Yeah, not a walk in the park, but it not only changed my life, but it saved my life

8. I’m in love with Disney and Pixar movies 

This started long before my daughter came around but having a child has definitely made it a lot easier to see all the new movies! I think Finding Nemo was my first really big obsession. 

When my daughter was born, my mother was there with me. The second she had made her debut into the world, my mother looked at her and said, “She’s so squishy! I shall call her squishy and you shall be my friend..” Yeah, finding nemo. 

9. I’m obsessed with the north east and all of the rich cultural history that’s there. 

My boyfriend is a good ole Boston boy. This last summer we spent the 4th of July there. Holy cow. If you’ve never been to Boston you have to go. Every single corner has history that’s 100’s of years old. It’s truly amazing. I spent the entire trip visiting historical landmarks and listen to the thick Boston accents tell me stories from long ago. I’d love to see Pennsylvania, Maine, Washington DC, Connecticut, Vermont, New York. The list goes on. 

10. I’m obsessed with creating. 

I’m left handed so my mom couldn’t ever really teach me to knit or crochet as she’s right handed and it just didn’t translate for me. Last winter I finally had it and decided that I wanted go knit, so I spent the winter teaching myself to knit. This year I decided to tackle crocheting, which happened to be a lot easier. I’ve seriously enjoyed every minute of it. Its been simply amazing. YouTube has been great in aiding my growth in these crafts. Most weekends I’m totally okay with just listening to audio books and doing crafts or DIY projects. 

I’m craving summer so we can start doing some stuff with wood outdoors, but for now it’s been a lot of crocheting and other DIY projects. 
So there it is! I have plans to dive a little deeper in my addiction story as I was recently told, “your story matters.” At this point in my recovery, I just want to share hope with those still struggling. Lucky for me, a very dear friend of mine works for a nonprofit called Young People In Recovery and is helping me get involved in the recovery movement. 

It keeps me humble. A giant part of living in Recovery on your terms is staying humble, Being thankful, and continuing to grow as a person. Otherwise you’ll end up sober and uphappy, or a “dry drunk.” But I’ll start sharing more about my sobriety and what it took to get me to where I am now. 

That’s all for now!

Shine Bright!

xo Sarah Lindenn


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