Hello And Welcome!

You’re probably thinking, wait, WHO is this crazy, coffee obsessed, craft making, makeup lovin lady? And WHY am I here? Well I am indeed a coffee nut. I also love all things beauty and skincare. I love crazy hair color, I love trying new makeup looks. I love Crafting and teaching my myself new things.. but more importantly I’m a momma living in long term sobriety. 

So I originally set out for this to be strictly about beauty and my direct sales business and not to dive too deep into my inner world and life, but I was wrong. I left my direct sales business in November of 2016 and I simply feel more passionate about sharing my entire life than I do about talking about makeup, so from here forward, this place will be my life..  I will share as much as I can, because I just know that my story can help someone, somewhere. 

SO Thanks for joining me here. You can check out my blog, or hit the Meet Sarah tab for some more about who I am.. 

I’ll be doing my very best to bring awesome and easy beauty tips, some mommy life experience and all around entertainment in the form of my life. Head over to the blog to check out what’s new and be sure to check out the Meet Sarah section! Leave me some love and feedback too! I love hearing from you.

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xoSarah Lindenn